Super Drum Model Cleaning Systems


The Super Drum Model Pre-Cleaning System is designed for safe operation of the system by separating non-grain contaminants from grains.


Grain entering the system passes through sieves and foreign bodies can not pass through cylindrical sieves. Cleaning of large materials from the system increases the quality of the grain and also prevents failures and blockings that may occur within the plant. Drum sieves inside the machine are made of perforated sheets according to grain specification. There is also a brush assembly which contacts the sieves outside the cylinder to prevent clogging that may result from squeezing the particles into the screen holes during sieving.


The Super Drum Model Pre-Cleaning machine is used to remove dust * and unknown and coarse particles that can not pass through the holes of the sieves installed in the machine. It is used in flour and semolina factories, seed cleaning plants, grain cleaning and calibration plants, grain cleaning plants, feed plants and grain storage plants in food industry.


* Overall Dimensions
** Maximum approximate capacity values.
*** Varies according to sieve hole size and grain contamination


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